Day 1 ~~ EPCOT

This is our December 2004 trip to Disney World.
I actually had enough pictures from this trip to put this report together.
Sarah (17), Emily (15), Alex (9) & Jeffrey (4) were with us on this trip.

This was the first time we stayed at Old Key West and didn't get a room near the hospitality house.
I was disappointed at first but it turned out to be just fine.
This first picture is a stand of huge bamboo that was right across from our bus stop.
Jeff loves bamboo!

We started the trip at EPCOT and with lunch at our favorite restaurant the Garden Grill.
The girls were still on West Coast time and weren't up to joining us that first day.
This gave the boys lots of opportunity to get their pictures taken by themselves.

We always have to follow up lunch at the Garden Grill with a ride on Living with the Land.

Now I ask you, how cool is a Hanging Fluted Pumpkin?

Baby alligators in their sauna.

Pumpkins being turned into Mickey Heads.

Hmmmm.... not sure... giant hanging cucumbers?

After our ride through the greenhouse we headed for the World Showcase.
Meanwhile in Norway:

Some of the pretty scenery:

Looks like the girls finally caught up with us in China.

Over in Germany we took some time look at the miniature train set up.
The first complete with lizard.

 They have it done up for Christmas.

In Japan they had a lady telling the story of the Daruma.

Without a doubt, there was nothing I loved better than the Tin Toy Exhibit in Japan.
I could have spent hours in there admiring all the great vintage toys.
Now I am SO happy I took all these pictures because the exhibit is not there anymore.
The boxes are as cool as the toys.

Monsters, my favorites!

Spaceships... my OTHER most favorite!

OH wait... ROBOTS! My other OTHER most favorite!

We spent the whole day wandering around and got to enjoy the sunset over the lake: