Day 4 ~~ EPCOT & the Candy Lady in Japan

Day 4 found us heading back to EPCOT.
Time for our first ride on Test Track!
I can't tell who is who.

The boys wanted a picture with the Genie in Morocco:

When we got to Japan,  the Taiko drummers were performing.

 And we also stopped to watch the Daruma lady again because she was very entertaining:

We took some time to look around at the beautiful scenery and watch the koi:

We were just in time to watch the candy lady make caramel animals.
Jeffrey AND Alex both got chosen to get one.
 Jeffrey asked for a monkey:

Alex asked for a bird.
Here it is starting to take form:

Here it is drying: 

And here it is all finished and wrapped to go.
The boys both ended up eating them before the day was out.

 A view of the ball from across the lake:

 Stopping to check out the vintage stuff in Africa:

Sunset and time to start heading back to the room.